Going outside for a change

I have mostly been spending my free time on the computer lately, either programming or reading Google+. But I've been getting a little bored of doing the same old thing all the time, so I recently started walking around outside at LTU.

My cousin Joe showed me where the real nature path is (not the short fake one I mistakenly showed a friend once), and I've been hooked on walking through there, aiming for about once or twice a day. Since I was a kid I was always the type to like to explore, so I had a great time traversing the entire thing multiple times and figuring out where all the paths lead.

Along the way, I also tried out the new Google Camera app for Android and took various pictures with it, including using the new "lens blur" feature. I found that this works really well for creating pictures with a feeling of depth to them, such as when something is jutting out at you. A number of these make for decent wallpapers, I found. I'll likely post some under my account at gnome-look.org when I find some time.

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