Breakfast at Taco Bell

This morning I finally got a chance to try some of Taco Bell's infamous breakfast food.

Maybe it doesn't take much to please me, but I'm happy with what I got.

I rode in on my bicycle to the Taco Bell located at 41167 Dequindre Rd,Troy, MI 48085. I decided to order the Grande Scrambler burrito with sausage combo, which came with a coffee and two Cinnabon Delights. Overall, I liked what I got. The burrito was, in my opinion, slightly better than the breakfast burrito I liked getting at McDonald's, and bigger (but not huge). The portion size on the coffee was pretty good, too. My bill came out to $4.97 (including sales tax).

Normally, I don't get up until around noon when I can sleep in, but I just might have to start getting up earlier to go there more often. I will try the Waffle Taco on my next visit.

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