New keyboard!

Fed up with the spacebar not always working right on my old flexible keyboard, I sought out a replacement. I recently got a Logitech T620 Touch Mouse for my Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS desktop computer, and that has been working great for me. What's more, it is a wireless mouse with a Unifying receiver, which allows multiple Logitech devices to be connected to the computer using the same wireless dongle, occupying only a single USB port. Thus, it only made sense to me to trim off another cable from behind my desk and get a new Unifying keyboard.

As I was researching Unifying compatibility with Linux, I stumbled upon the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard. As +Joseph Kielasa can testify, I have recently taken an interest in solar power. A wireless keyboard which doesn't need batteries? Sounds good to me!

I ordered my new keyboard directly from Logitech and received it yesterday. I installed the Solaar software for managing Unifying devices on Linux from a PPA, and was able to get both my mouse and keyboard up and recognized pretty much instantly (well, okay, I had to reboot my desktop computer first to give Solaar permission to access my Unifying receiver). I am very pleased with my new keyboard: in fact, I am typing this blog post right now using it, and I have not had to go back to insert a single space!

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