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Joe's Car Rants: Episode 1

I wrote before on some LTU connection stuff. But since this blog is titled "Christopher Kyle Horton's Random Stuff" and not "Christopher Kyle Horton Only Writes About Linux at LTU", I'll post something else here as well.
The Idea My cousin Joe had an idea a while back for a webshow of his own called "Joe's Car Rants." He had the idea for it based on some conversations he had with some friends while driving, and also because of my time on YouTube doing my GNOME Shell development videos and as a guest star on a friend's Let's Play series.

Carrying It Out A few weeks ago, we decided to actually make this show a reality. The new source of inspiration was the fact that he usually drives me to and from LTU daily for classes, and we usually have some interesting conversations along the way. We needed a way to record these conversations; his phone would always shut off after a few minutes of recording, which was why he could not do it with hi…

Getting Ubuntu connected to the LTU Network Printers

My latest post here is something which I know some, myself included, would find immensely useful: installing the LTU network printers on Ubuntu so you can print to them just as easily as those Windows users do!

This guide is partially inspired by LTU's instructions for adding their printers to Mac OS X, another Unix-like operating system.

For reference, I'm using Ubuntu 13.10.

The Steps Search for "Printers" in the Unity dash, or find it in System Settings. Once you're in there, click the button to the right of the Add button in the toolbar, and select printer. You should next get to a screen similar to the one below.

Scroll to the bottom of the Devices list and choose "Windows Printer via SAMBA". On the right, enter the SMB link for your printer, which would be smb://[printer name] (minus the smb:// part at the front, and obviously you should replace [printer name] with the actual name of the printer you want to connect to).


Getting your Nexus 4 onto the LTU Network

I plan on starting out by helping fellow LTU students get their Linux-powered devices access to stuff on the LTU network that's seemingly reserved for Windows users (unfairly so, IMHO). Who else would like to be able to keep their wireless connection secure or print wirelessly? If this interests you, then read this and my related posts.
My second post here is dedicated to my current project: getting my Nexus 4 smartphone to connect to the LTU Network. Typically Android users would have to use the LTU Guest account for wireless access at school, but this comes with disadvantages like not having an encrypted connection and possibly having to sign in with your browser first before you can actually use your connection. This lets you get on to the better, more secure connection that Windows users enjoy.

For reference, I'm using a Google Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and a school-issued LTU Fujitsu Lifebook which is running Ubuntu.

The Steps First, connect your Nexus 4 via …

Getting Ubuntu 12.04 LTS onto the LTU Network

Here's a post from a series of mine on how Linux geeks like me can get their stuff connected to the LTU Network, since official documentation for that does not exist.

This post is for how to get your Ubuntu 12.04 LTS laptop connected to the LTU Network, since that's what I'm running. Users of other versions or distros will likely want to follow similar steps.

The Steps Yeah, just connect to the LTU Network from Ubuntu's wireless connections menu, and opt to edit the connection. Enter the following information under the Wireless Security tab and click Save...:

Of course, fill out your username and password using your LTU login credentials.
That should be it!

Update (11/4/2013):  I just got my laptop, now running 13.10, onto the connection without needing the CA certificate shown above. If Ubuntu complains about not choosing a CA certificate, just choose "Ignore".