Getting Ubuntu 12.04 LTS onto the LTU Network

Here's a post from a series of mine on how Linux geeks like me can get their stuff connected to the LTU Network, since official documentation for that does not exist.

This post is for how to get your Ubuntu 12.04 LTS laptop connected to the LTU Network, since that's what I'm running. Users of other versions or distros will likely want to follow similar steps.

The Steps

Yeah, just connect to the LTU Network from Ubuntu's wireless connections menu, and opt to edit the connection. Enter the following information under the Wireless Security tab and click Save...:

Of course, fill out your username and password using your LTU login credentials.

That should be it!

Update (11/4/2013):  I just got my laptop, now running 13.10, onto the connection without needing the CA certificate shown above. If Ubuntu complains about not choosing a CA certificate, just choose "Ignore".


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