Joe's Car Rants: Episode 1

I wrote before on some LTU connection stuff. But since this blog is titled "Christopher Kyle Horton's Random Stuff" and not "Christopher Kyle Horton Only Writes About Linux at LTU", I'll post something else here as well.

The Idea

My cousin Joe had an idea a while back for a webshow of his own called "Joe's Car Rants." He had the idea for it based on some conversations he had with some friends while driving, and also because of my time on YouTube doing my GNOME Shell development videos and as a guest star on a friend's Let's Play series.

Carrying It Out

A few weeks ago, we decided to actually make this show a reality. The new source of inspiration was the fact that he usually drives me to and from LTU daily for classes, and we usually have some interesting conversations along the way. We needed a way to record these conversations; his phone would always shut off after a few minutes of recording, which was why he could not do it with his own hardware. However, I got a Nexus 4 near the end of the summer, so I volunteered to do the recording for us. With a mobile device holder latched onto the air vents above his car's console, we were able to set our show up for recording while driving.

Episode 1 of Joe's Car Rants is below.

Show Details

These videos are being recorded with somewhat irregular frequency. The idea was that there would actually be two shows: Joe's Car Rants during the daytime, and a similar show called "Cruisin' with Chris" which would be recorded at night on our way home. The former focuses on a rant Joe feels like doing, with a different general topic for each episode, while the latter focuses on me just being random and hopefully being entertaining in a strange way.

Each video, which is approximately 1GB in size when it is recorded, is edited and uploaded to YouTube as a 720p MP4 file. Currently we are uploading them to YouTube's "People and Blogs" category, because we couldn't figure out a better place for them.

This is something new neither of us has done before. That being said, we're still working out the logistics of our show and dealing with technical difficulties as they come up (for instance, everyone I've personally talked to said the above video displays fine, but on my laptop and Android devices I get some serious visual glitches in playback). Feedback would be greatly appreciated for the content of our videos and how well they work in a technical sense.

We plan to initially do about three episodes each of Joe's Car Rants and Cruisin' with Chris, then from there we'll use the feedback and statistics we've gathered to determine if the show will continue, and what improvements might be needed.

Hope you enjoy the series, and let us know what you think!

EDIT (12/11/2013): We found and fixed the playback issue with Joe's Car Rants (we forgot to explicitly disable 3D on our videos). The video above has been updated to show the new version instead of the old one (which we have since taken down); be sure to give it a watch if the old one seemed glitchy to you.


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