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Toshiba LifeBook T900 stylus issue when resuming from suspend

Fellow LTU students will want to keep track of this one, especially since many of you are using the same school-supplied laptop.

Last semester, I noticed that my stylus on my Toshiba LifeBook T900 would stop working after resuming it from suspend. The real-world impact of this is that if I plan on taking handwritten notes in class on my laptop's Ubuntu 13.10 partition (because I love Xournal), then I could not start it until I was already in class. The only workarounds are to reboot, or to log out and back in again.

I reported the bug already on Launchpad, and it appears to be some sort of upstream Linux kernel regression between Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10. I can't bisect down to the specific regression commit, however, because any mainline kernel before 3.8.9-raring causes major issues, including the stylus, USB and WiFi not working at all.

My most recent step taken was to send an email to (hopefully the correct) maintainers, and we'll have to see if this gets fixed in time f…

Joe's Car Rants: Episode 2 (and Cruisin' with Chris)

Joe's Car Rants: Episode 2 We are still continuing episodes of Joe's Car Rants, despite the interruptions the show is currently experiencing (my editing laptop undergoing debugging for an unrelated issue, and the fact that we're still on winter break right now). We still have footage that's being edited and uploaded, however.
Episode 2 of Joe's Car Rants with my cousin, +Joseph Kielasa , is available below.
Cruisin' with Chris As mentioned in a previous post, a related show in which it focuses more on me during the nighttime drive home from school, called "Cruisin' with Chris", is also being uploaded alongside its parent show. Whereas Joe's Car Rants centers on a particular topic for each episode, Cruisin' with Chris is intentionally more random. The first episode is available below for your viewing pleasure.

The second episode couldn't be posted through Blogger's interface for adding a video for some reason, saying it couldn'…