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I got a Pebble

For my recent birthday, I ordered myself a Pebble through Ubuntu's Amazon lens.

My Pebble, using the Simplicity++ watchface. It uses the Ubuntu font!
Overall, it is quite nice. At first, I didn't know how to turn it on, but a quick Google search revealed that I only needed to hold any button down for longer than three seconds. After that, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

The Pebble app for Android is easy to use, if a bit slow and glitchy at times. I was able to locate some nifty stuff through it for checking battery (something which the Pebble apparently does not come with by default), looking at a calendar and weather, and some timers. I also got a Magic: The Gathering life counter on there, since it seemed more convenient than using a phone app and I have been trying to get into it more lately.

The coolest feature in my opinion is the ability to turn on the backlight by just shaking your wrist. Using the buttons on the side works too if you don't feel like swinging you…

The Straight Talk Nexus 4 Missing Data Saga

I have had one heck of a time with Straight Talk. As you may know, I own a Nexus 4. I have been happily using it on Straight Talk's $45/month unlimited talk, text and data plan for over half a year now, and until recently was quite happy about it.

Then one day, with seemingly no cause or warning, I could no longer access my mobile data connection. I could still call people and receive calls. I could still send and receive texts. I could use the Internet over WiFi. But mobile data was dead.

Below is the story of my month-long nightmare, along with Google+ posts I made along the way documenting everything. Let this be a warning to potential Straight Talk users looking for service for their own Nexus 4s.

First Signs of a Problem Sometime back in late January, I noticed that I was getting a notification on my Nexus 4 telling me to "Sign into network HOME". Well, that's odd, I thought. I tapped the notification and was redirected to a T-Mobile webpage in Chrome, saying…