grive-daemon update: new building method and bugfix

I was working some more on my grive-daemon hobby project today, and I accomplished a couple things.

The first thing was that I added a proper makefile to the project. This means that instead of calling g++ directly to build grive-daemon after you clone it, you just type in make. Moreover, you can now install and uninstall grive-daemon on your system after building it by using the sudo make install and sudo make uninstall commands, respectively. After installation, you can just type grive-daemon into your terminal or Alt+F2 dialog to start the daemon - no more needing to call the executable directly! Pretty cool stuff.

The second thing was that I found a bug where changes made to the lowest directories in your ~/Google Drive folder were not being noticed by grive-daemon, and hence not synced until something else caught its eye. This was an issue with the initial recursive setup for directory watching, and it was quickly and easily fixed.


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