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Fun with cats

Today my mom, my brother +Jonathan Horton , and I went to the local Petco where a Michigan Humane Society Adoption Center was located. About once a week, we go there to look at the animals they have available. It's unlikely that we will adopt anything since my dad is allergic to most animals with fur, the cost involved, and some other reasons, but we still take a look from time to time.

Today they had a new cage containing four kittens, each of which was named after a Pokémon. My mom and brother actually got to take one of the kittens (named "Charmander") out to play with it a bit. He was a cute little thing, crawling all over my brother and trying to find a way to escape the designated play area. He didn't seem to pay much attention to me, however.

The cat I was most looking forward to seeing was one I had seen the previous two times we were there as well. The cat's name is Lilac, and is a 1 year-old female with all black coloration, and yellow eyes which turn t…

Start of Summer 2014

Here is a random status update of my life right now. I have finished the Spring 2014 semester at LTU (with straight A's, as I should), and am now in my second week of the Summer 2014 semester. I am just taking one course right now (Probability and Statistics).

I caught the stomach flu right before the semester started and I threw up halfway through the first lecture. Thankfully, I recovered quickly and am feeling much better now.

I have a number of things planned for what I want to do this summer besides taking the one class, which I have outlined partially below:

Do additional work (office work for a professor, working on a presentation for my internship, and anything else which might come up)Continue work on my GxSubOS and grive-daemon projectsFurther room cleaning and yard saleRoom repaintingPlanning for the foundation of a Linux/FOSS-centric club at LTUetc. I will continue to report further happenings here.