Fun with cats

Today my mom, my brother +Jonathan Horton , and I went to the local Petco where a Michigan Humane Society Adoption Center was located. About once a week, we go there to look at the animals they have available. It's unlikely that we will adopt anything since my dad is allergic to most animals with fur, the cost involved, and some other reasons, but we still take a look from time to time.

Today they had a new cage containing four kittens, each of which was named after a Pokémon. My mom and brother actually got to take one of the kittens (named "Charmander") out to play with it a bit. He was a cute little thing, crawling all over my brother and trying to find a way to escape the designated play area. He didn't seem to pay much attention to me, however.

The cat I was most looking forward to seeing was one I had seen the previous two times we were there as well. The cat's name is Lilac, and is a 1 year-old female with all black coloration, and yellow eyes which turn to blue towards the pupils. Her information sheet indicated that she was nervous being in that environment, but also was very playful and attention-seeking. The first time I saw her, she was in one of the smaller cages reserved for most of the cats; the next time, she was moved to a much larger cage placed near the middle of the cat area owing to her activity level. Both times I found that I could keep a "conversation" going with her, alternating between me talking to her and her meowing back in reply.

Today, the workers there opened her cage to let me interact with Lilac a bit while my mom and brother were playing with Charmander. She seemed a bit nervous whenever we moved our hands into the cage to try and pet her, but it also seemed like she just wanted to play, hopping between the multiple levels in the cage and batting her paws at my hand. I got a few scratches by the time I was finished playing with her, but she did let me pet her for a couple moments at one point (something which the workers said almost never happens) and I had a lot of fun. We never could take her out of the cage, though. I think she would be a nice cat if she didn't have to listen to the nearby dogs' loud barking all the time and had some quiet.

Of note was when I subsequently strolled among the other cages and came across another cat named Gumdrop, whose sheet indicated that it was supposed to love being petted and was very friendly. The cat seemed interested in me at first, but then for some reason quickly decided it didn't like me and meowed increasingly loudly while lunging at me and slashing with its claws. It continued to make its dislike for me known when I walked on to another cage and it continued to meow at me from a distance. I still have no idea what I did to set it off.

My right hand has a bunch of little scratches on it from playing with with Lilac, a couple of which bled a bit. Still, I like that cat and I hope she finds a good, peaceful home eventually. My interactions with cats might be a bit awkward since I haven't spent much time around them before, but I hope to improve with further visits.


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