Start of Summer 2014

Here is a random status update of my life right now. I have finished the Spring 2014 semester at LTU (with straight A's, as I should), and am now in my second week of the Summer 2014 semester. I am just taking one course right now (Probability and Statistics).

I caught the stomach flu right before the semester started and I threw up halfway through the first lecture. Thankfully, I recovered quickly and am feeling much better now.

I have a number of things planned for what I want to do this summer besides taking the one class, which I have outlined partially below:

  • Do additional work (office work for a professor, working on a presentation for my internship, and anything else which might come up)
  • Continue work on my GxSubOS and grive-daemon projects
  • Further room cleaning and yard sale
  • Room repainting
  • Planning for the foundation of a Linux/FOSS-centric club at LTU
  • etc.
I will continue to report further happenings here.


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