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A Note On Reimages For Lenovo Yogas

I initially tried to set up a dual-boot between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my school's new Lenovo Yoga machine back when I received it in exchange for the older Fujitsu LifeBook laptops which we were initially given. Unfortunately, I could not get the dual-boot to work, as Ubuntu could start but Windows could not after installation, so I ended up wiping the whole thing and making it pure Ubuntu.

This worked fine during the Summer 2014 semester. But now that Fall 2014 semester has started and I find myself needing Windows software for coursework again, I needed to go in for another reimage. Which is okay by me, since I was planning on it from the start.

What's interesting though is that if you need a reimage, the good people at the LTU Help Desk cannot simply swap out your hard drive for a new one like they did in the past with the older LifeBooks. Why? They told me that it would void the warranty on these newer machines. As a result, I had to get a whole new laptop in…

The End (of Summer 2014) Is Nigh

The summer went by quickly this year. During the first half, I was taking my summer course on probability and statistics to satisfy my degree's requirement for a math elective. During the whole summer, I was doing internship work for Parjana Distribution (with a little bit here and there for my other internship with Ford, for which Phase II commences in the fall and we'll be trying to recruit additional students for with flyers and a classroom presentation).

This next week will be very hectic for me. Here's a list of some of the things I will be doing:

Preparing for fall classesPreparing for a schedule change at Parjana Distribution to accommodate my status as a full-time studentGetting ready to begin Phase II with FordPay for more Straight Talk service before my service end date next week (probably only another 6 months instead of a full year in case I run into problems again)Put together my desktop computer rebuild once the parts I'm still waiting on have arrivedSet u…

On Sleep Management

I am currently involved with two internships, and I am also still a full-time student, with fall semester classes at my university starting August 27. Also factor in that I am trying to organize an unofficial open source club at LTU, I still have a variety of side projects I work on for fun, I have a cat to care for and I need to squeeze in bike rides / going to the gym at least once every two days.

Obviously I'm a very busy guy, and it's important for me to maintain a healthy sleep schedule in order to keep up with all of this. After all, sleep has many important health benefits, especially for the brain.
My Goals With regards to my sleep schedule, I aim to try and get roughly eight hours of sleep a night. I am currently trying to get up around 6:30AM during the weekdays in order to get everything taken care of before I have to work, and I allow myself to sleep in to around noon on weekends to help make up for any deficits.
The Tools I Use I use two very helpful Android apps …

Breakfast at Taco Bell

This morning I finally got a chance to try some of Taco Bell's infamous breakfast food.

Maybe it doesn't take much to please me, but I'm happy with what I got.

I rode in on my bicycle to the Taco Bell located at 41167 Dequindre Rd,Troy, MI 48085. I decided to order the Grande Scrambler burrito with sausage combo, which came with a coffee and two Cinnabon Delights. Overall, I liked what I got. The burrito was, in my opinion, slightly better than the breakfast burrito I liked getting at McDonald's, and bigger (but not huge). The portion size on the coffee was pretty good, too. My bill came out to $4.97 (including sales tax).

Normally, I don't get up until around noon when I can sleep in, but I just might have to start getting up earlier to go there more often. I will try the Waffle Taco on my next visit.

Looking For Work? Try Parjana Distribution (Again)!

I made an earlier blog post regarding looking for a replacement for me once my availability at Parjana Distribution becomes limited during my fall semester.

One of my coworkers, who works more on developing sensors we use to monitor our work sites, will be leaving Parjana Distribution this fall to work on graduate courses. My employer will be looking for a replacement to him as well, and they provided me with the following job description of who they are looking for (you can also view it here).

(Disclaimer: this post is my own work [except for the embedded job description] and does not represent the views of Parjana Distribution.)

Looking For Work? Try Parjana Distribution!

Today's post promotes one of my current employers: Parjana Distribution. If you are looking for a job or internship, keep reading.
Who is Parjana Distribution? Parjana® Distribution is a Detroit, Michigan-based company which comes up with solutions to water problems experienced by our clients. In particular, we promote our EGRP® technology for eliminating standing water. The below quote from our site is a nice little summary of what it does: These solutions include the use of the EGRP® ( Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product ) system which facilitates the process of water infiltration without the need for electricity, at a rate faster than that of natural conditions. Using the EGRP® provides stormwater mitigation, greatly reducing stormwater runoff, sediment control while promoting groundwater infiltration and groundwater recharge. Where do I come in? I'm a developer intern for Parjana Distribution for the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system we use. Specifically, it…

Personal Website: First Look

To anyone interested in why my blog's appearance is changing, this is what I am trying to aim for in terms of the visual consistency I mentioned earlier.

I have been learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript as part of my training at my internship with Parjana Distribution, via Codecademy. Getting my own website has been a goal of mine for a while now, so here is the first bit of my hand-coded work.

The site is currently hosted on GitHub using GitHub Pages, and can be accessed at . Please note that there are still some rough edges and I still haven't fully fleshed it out yet, though it seems to be off to a good start. In particular, I'm thinking of adding a showcase of my other personal projects to it at some point.

New Look

If you have been visiting my blog recently, you might have noticed that I am in the process of updating its look. I am doing this so its visual style will be closer to some other personal web pages I am setting up for better consistency (not to mention show off my new HTML/CSS skills).

I will post again with more details once everything is complete. In the meantime, enjoy the metamorphosis.