A Note On Reimages For Lenovo Yogas

I initially tried to set up a dual-boot between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my school's new Lenovo Yoga machine back when I received it in exchange for the older Fujitsu LifeBook laptops which we were initially given. Unfortunately, I could not get the dual-boot to work, as Ubuntu could start but Windows could not after installation, so I ended up wiping the whole thing and making it pure Ubuntu.

This worked fine during the Summer 2014 semester. But now that Fall 2014 semester has started and I find myself needing Windows software for coursework again, I needed to go in for another reimage. Which is okay by me, since I was planning on it from the start.

What's interesting though is that if you need a reimage, the good people at the LTU Help Desk cannot simply swap out your hard drive for a new one like they did in the past with the older LifeBooks. Why? They told me that it would void the warranty on these newer machines. As a result, I had to get a whole new laptop in exchange for my old one.

Everything is working fine now. But I thought I would share this as a note to other LTU students who are thinking of experimenting with Linux on their laptops too.

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