Looking For Work? Try Parjana Distribution!

Today's post promotes one of my current employers: Parjana Distribution. If you are looking for a job or internship, keep reading.

Who is Parjana Distribution?

Parjana® Distribution is a Detroit, Michigan-based company which comes up with solutions to water problems experienced by our clients. In particular, we promote our EGRP® technology for eliminating standing water. The below quote from our site is a nice little summary of what it does:
These solutions include the use of the EGRP® ( Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product ) system which facilitates the process of water infiltration without the need for electricity, at a rate faster than that of natural conditions. Using the EGRP® provides stormwater mitigation, greatly reducing stormwater runoff, sediment control while promoting groundwater infiltration and groundwater recharge.

Where do I come in?

I'm a developer intern for Parjana Distribution for the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system we use. Specifically, it is based on ERPNext, but modified a bit for our own purposes and to better fit our business processes. ERPNext is a web application built on Python, JavaScript, and MariaDB (or MySQL). I also provide input on some of the technical decisions we make regarding our ERP system or some of the other software we use.

Who do we want?

I am a summer intern working for Parjana Distribution, and I am currently the only employee whose focus is pretty much the ERP system. I will be returning to school in the fall as a full-time student, also working more on Phase 2 of my internship through LTU in conjunction with Ford (another post will be made on that later). This means I won't be able to work regular hours on this system like I was during the summer, and may stay only to overview the project during weekends.

We are looking for someone who would have an interest in what I was discussing above, and preferably would have the below skills:
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Git/GitHub


Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@parjana.com , marked with attention to myself or Charline Boudeville (my boss). If we think you might be a good fit, we'll contact you about coming in for an interview!

(Disclaimer: this blog post is entirely my own work and does not represent the views of Parjana Distribution.)


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