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Somebody "hacked" my old Yahoo! email account

My mom asked me if I sent her an email the other day which linked to some sort of online advertisement. Of course, I never did, so I asked her to show it to me.

My parents still primarily use our SBC Global email accounts provided to us by our ISP (which are Yahoo! email accounts), despite my repeated attempts to try and get them to switch away. She logged into her email and showed me the message in her inbox. The sender was listed as "christopher horton" (the email address actually sent from was not immediately visible), and the subject simply said "from christopher horton". It was sent to everyone in my old account's contact list, and simply said "Hi!", followed by a link with no explanation given.

I advised my mom to send it to the spam folder, and then tried to log in to my old Yahoo! email account to deactivate it. It told me it did not recognize my ID or password anymore. Trying to get the password reset resulted in AT&T (our "new"…

Setting up an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS virtual machine on LTU laptops

My cousin +Joseph Kielasa recently needed Linux installed alongside Windows 8.1 on our LTU school laptops for his work at Parjana Distribution on our sensor boxes. I have already tried to setup a dual-boot between Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8.1 on our new school laptops over the summer, but that kind of failed. So this time, I tried going the virtual machine approach.

Here is how you too can run Ubuntu and Windows at the same time on your LTU laptop.
Get an image Obviously, you will need an Ubuntu image to install into the virtual machine. Go to and get Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (64-bit desktop image). This will download as a .iso file to your computer. The download is almost 1 GB big, so be prepared to wait a while.

After it downloads, you may want to check the MD5 sum to ensure the file's integrity before you try to use it. Get Microsoft's File Checksum Integrity Verifier Utility if you want to verify this (you can get the md5sums for the different Ubuntu 14.0…