Diwali Night at LTU

Yesterday I attended a Diwali celebration at Lawrence Technological University which was partly organized by +sahana thanabalan , my partner in the LTU/Ford AUTOSAR internship project. I had a lot of fun there; the event included the following:

  • A presentation of what Diwali is, along with guest speakers
  • Music
  • Dances (Bollywood and traditional)
  • Dinner (which consisted of Indian food served in the RFoC cafeteria, with catering done by Royal Indian in Troy, MI)
  • Fireworks and sparklers

+Joe Quesada also briefly attended towards the end of the event, just as the fireworks were starting.

If you want to see pictures I took at the event, please see this post (for some reason, Google+ won't give me an option for embedding this one). LTU might push out their own stuff soon as well, since I saw cameramen and photographers going around and taking pictures/video of everything.

For anyone out there who is not familiar with it, you can find out more about it via the all-knowing Wikipedia.


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