Freeway excitement

I forgot to post this yesterday, but it was noteworthy enough to belong here.

+Joseph Kielasa and I were going in together along I-75 to get to +Parjana Distribution 's office in Detroit for work. This occurred around 7:50 AM.

I was just finishing up talking to him (he was driving, by the way) about how traffic bottlenecks on the freeway form, and he was mentioning how tired he was and a desire for coffee once we reached our destination. We were traveling in the far-left lane to line up with our intended exit, with very few cars around us. Suddenly, the cars in front of us slowed way down, and he was forced to slam on the brakes to avoid rear-ending them.

A woman following us closely in a silver SUV did not have enough time to brake in response, so her solution was to try and swerve around us on the right. At this point, she lost control and was skidding across all the lanes; Joe had to pull sharply onto the left shoulder to avoid getting sideswiped and maybe losing his right side view mirror again (that's another story).

I turned around in the passenger's seat up front to get a better view of what was going on, and saw a dark-colored car closely following the silver SUV. He tried braking and swerving to avoid her crazy antics, and he lost control as well. His car ended up turning a full 180 degrees, so that now he was facing oncoming traffic in a 55 MPH (88.5 KPH) zone. Luckily, I saw no actual crash occur; everyone behind him suddenly came to a full stop.

I stopped talking about bottlenecks, having seen one develop in real time just behind us after a bizarre chain reaction. Joe was now fully awake and said he no longer needed the coffee. And while we were lucky to get to work at all, we still managed to arrive on time.


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