Pokémon Profile Picture Month 2014

December is Pokémon Profile Picture Month (as +Joe Quesada reminds me annually). So, here's what I temporarily changed my Google+ and Skype profile pictures to:

I made this picture myself using Inkscape and GIMP. I picked Porygon-Z since as an entirely virtual entity it's programming-related, and the Pokémon itself is supposed to be a bit glitchy due to the effects of the Dubious Disk (reflecting my own imperfections, I suppose), despite being the third evolution in the Porygon line.

I think maybe people have a tendency to forget about Porygon and its evolutions after the original Red and Blue games, perhaps because it was practically banned from the Pokémon anime after the infamous banned Electric Soldier Porygon episode. This ban carried over to its subsequent evolutions as well. In my opinion, it's a bit of a shame, because Porygon had such a cool concept (although I may be a bit biased by my programming interests).

If anyone's wondering, that's fake Python code for Porygon-Z shown in the picture background. I added it merely for decoration, so please don't nitpick it or anything. It's just meant to make it look a little bit cooler.

This picture took me a surprisingly short period of time to make. I think I spent ten minutes making the base of Porygon-Z in Inkscape, and I did the background and shading in GIMP in another ten. My amateur skills show in places, but overall it still came out pretty good. This is my first Pokémon profile picture made entirely using software, which I thought was fitting for Porygon-Z, instead of my previous technique of drawing a black-and-white image by hand on paper with a black felt-tip marker and scanning it, then coloring and shading it in GIMP. Maybe I should have made a video recording of myself doing this, but I forgot; perhaps I'll revisit it if enough people request it.

If you also made your own pictures for Pokémon Profile Picture Month, feel free to share them!


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