Spring 2015 class registration

I have recently registered for my Spring 2015 semester classes at LTU. I have senior standing and mostly technical electives left to go, along the required senior classes and a couple more core classes before I can graduate with my bachelor's degree in computer science (scientific programming concentration).

Below are the classes I have registered for (this might possibly change as the tentative times for the classes change and scheduling conflicts arise):
  1. MCS 4613: Computer Networks
  2. MCS 4643: Comparative Programming Languages
  3. MCS 4663: Operating Systems
  4. LDR 4000: Leadership Capstone
  5. MCS 5013: Web Server Programming
I'm primarily interested in Computer Networking not only because it's required, but because I find my personal knowledge in the topic lacking and I want to strengthen it. (That's the whole point of taking classes, right?) I also want to take Web Server Programming so I can improve my web development skills at Parjana, and also because one of my favorite professors is listed as teaching it.


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