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gdipp Chocolatey packages created

I have created a pair of Chocolatey packages (still awaiting moderation at the time of this writing) for gdipp, which gives better font smoothing in Windows. If you use Windows but prefer the way text is rendered in Linux and Mac OS X, then this software is for you. You can see a before-and-after comparison screenshot at this article.

The packages are for gdipp 0.7.6 and gdipp 0.9.1 beta, whichever you prefer,  and can be installed with

choco install gdipp -Version 0.7.6


choco install gdipp-beta -Version 0.9.1


Chocolatey rules! It's a good thing Windows 10 will include it as part of its package manager, which the OS really needs.

Setting up my custom domain with GitHub Pages and Google Domains

Today I finally got my custom domain,, set up! This is a major milestone for my personal website. A complete noob like me didn't quite understand how to get the custom domain applied correctly at first (turns out "web forwarding" just wasn't what I wanted), but with a little bit of digging and perseverance, I eventually got it all straightened out.

I also have a subdomain,, which goes straight to this blog.

This post is dedicated to my classmate +Cameron Beyer , who gave me the Google Domains invite in the first place.
How To Set It Up For Your Own Site I had to look in a couple different places to get this working properly. However, it now appears to be working, so I might as well share how to do this easily. Keep in mind that these instructions are for setting up a personal website with Google Domains and GitHub Pages; I'm sure there are easier ways to get a website up and running if you don't feel li…

Happy Caturday with Shimmer!

There's a hashtag on Google+ called #caturday, so here's my contribution to it. It's just Shimmer sleeping on my mom's chair at the kitchen table, but it's so cute! Just look at how she curls up in a fluffy ball and covers her face with her paw!

Edited briefly in OpenShot. I have no idea why there's a video hiccup around the 9-second mark, but oh well.

New hardware (for me!)

Today I got a couple new things specifically for me.
Mouthguard Towards the end of last year, I went in to the dentist for a cleaning appointment, and they found I had chipped a couple of my front teeth yet again. Since this seems to be a recurring issue I don't take notice of, they told me it is probably nighttime grinding and they gave me a mouthguard I'm supposed to put in at night before going to bed.
It was just fitted earlier this morning. It felt comfortable in the dentist's office, but I haven't actually slept wearing it yet. So, we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow morning as a test run. Glasses I also got a new pair of glasses, since my vision has apparently changed enough over the last couple of optometrist's appointments to warrant a new prescription. I'm nearsighted, so every once in a while I need to be checked to see if I need new lenses, which usually needs a new frame too.

On a side note, I don't wear contacts; I consider my glasses a…

First day of Spring 2015 classes

Yesterday was my first day of classes back at LTU for the Spring 2015 semester.

I first woke up to my cat Shimmer trying to rip up the top of my office chair in my bedroom, which I guess was her asking for something from me. I was too tired though, so I went back to sleep. (I had no idea what time it was.) I finally woke up for my 11:00 AM alarm on my phone, and saw Shimmer sleeping curled up at the foot of my bed. I got up to turn it off, then I came back to give her a nice belly rub. Much purring and licking ensued.

I then got showered up, and came out for some pasta my dad made for our family dinner. After that, I helped shovel out the driveway, and prepared my textbook list / Google Drive file structure / Gmail filters and labels. I left for school around 4:30 PM.

I arrived at LTU around 5:30 PM, and quickly got my textbooks handled at the school bookstore. The bill for this semester wasn't too bad. I even managed to get a refund on a rental textbook I forgot to return last ye…

Bioinformatics demos, Personal Projects split, and time-changing background: ideas

Since I added a Bug Fixes section to my personal website recently, I already started thinking about what else I might add to my site.
Demos of my bioinformatics tools One thing I've been wondering about is adding some of my bioinformatics software code from my Fall 2014 Intro to Bioinformatics class to my website.

Since my website is currently hosted using GitHub Pages, I can't really do anything on the server side. This basically prevents me from just modifying my Python code a bit to use a web interface. Instead, I might just port it to JavaScript (which was a language my professor for that class suggested as an option for writing our assignments in). That will take some time if I go that route, but it could be worthwhile. Imagine having live demos of the code I wrote, instantly accessible through a Web browser! That would be pretty nifty.
Personal Projects split Another idea I've had for a possible improvement is further splitting my Personal Projects section into some …

New website section: Bug Fixes

I just added a new section to my personal website titled "Bug Fixes". This displays links to all of my contributions thus far to others' open-source software projects.

There's not much in there so far (just some documentation fixes I made for and a couple things I fixed in Ubuntu during the Precise Pangolin development cycle). Hopefully, this list will expand, which will improve my bragging rights considerably. Fixes I've made in projects where I am a primary developer are not included here.