Bioinformatics demos, Personal Projects split, and time-changing background: ideas

Since I added a Bug Fixes section to my personal website recently, I already started thinking about what else I might add to my site.

Demos of my bioinformatics tools

One thing I've been wondering about is adding some of my bioinformatics software code from my Fall 2014 Intro to Bioinformatics class to my website.

Since my website is currently hosted using GitHub Pages, I can't really do anything on the server side. This basically prevents me from just modifying my Python code a bit to use a web interface. Instead, I might just port it to JavaScript (which was a language my professor for that class suggested as an option for writing our assignments in). That will take some time if I go that route, but it could be worthwhile. Imagine having live demos of the code I wrote, instantly accessible through a Web browser! That would be pretty nifty.

Personal Projects split

Another idea I've had for a possible improvement is further splitting my Personal Projects section into some subsections, such as:

  • My own projects
  • High-level overview of work I've done for employers
  • School projects, especially those where I was allowed to post my source code online
The hard part would be figuring out how to implement support for subsections in my pre-existing navigation.

Background which changes by time of day

The last part I would like to have is a background for my site which changes according to the current time of day. This would likely be accomplished by some JavaScript and/or jQuery. The idea is to achieve something similar to the "A Day in the Life" wallpaper for Linux, which was one of my favorite wallpapers to use back while I was still testing builds of GNOME Shell on Ubuntu 10.10. I'll see about maybe taking my Schefflera arboricola background, and edit it in GIMP to achieve the illusion of different times of day. We'll see how I decide to go about this.


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