New hardware (for me!)

Today I got a couple new things specifically for me.


Towards the end of last year, I went in to the dentist for a cleaning appointment, and they found I had chipped a couple of my front teeth yet again. Since this seems to be a recurring issue I don't take notice of, they told me it is probably nighttime grinding and they gave me a mouthguard I'm supposed to put in at night before going to bed.

It was just fitted earlier this morning. It felt comfortable in the dentist's office, but I haven't actually slept wearing it yet. So, we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow morning as a test run.


I also got a new pair of glasses, since my vision has apparently changed enough over the last couple of optometrist's appointments to warrant a new prescription. I'm nearsighted, so every once in a while I need to be checked to see if I need new lenses, which usually needs a new frame too.

On a side note, I don't wear contacts; I consider my glasses an integral part of my personal appearance, and even the eye doctor seems to agree that putting things in my eyes doesn't seem like a good fit. Just ask their pressure-checking air puff machines I always have so much trouble with.

Here's what the new pair looks like:

As I mentioned in an earlier Google+ post, I will change my profile picture once I've had a good opportunity to take a new picture of myself wearing them. Preferably with a nice plant in the background.

My eyes are still getting used to the change in prescription; a while after I started wearing the new pair, my eyes felt tired/burning and I took a nap lasting a few hours. However, the new lenses have "Transitions" technology, which means they darken while in sunshine outdoors. Also, these frames are narrower than the old ones, meaning I can use my sunglasses which cover my regular glasses once again when bike-riding.


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