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Time for categories!

I rearranged my personal website yet again; now everything is laid out nice and neat in collapsible categories!

It's something you kind of have to see for yourself to really appreciate, since it's also all animated. You can either visit my personal website using anything other than Internet Explorer, or simply view a video demonstration here.

A couple other minor changes I made:

Some stuff was added to help my site pass HTML5 validation.I removed the little profile indicators in the top-right corner; they now exist as buttons in the "Profiles" category.

Why won't you take my money?

I've been a bit disappointed not once, but twice over the past couple of days. Both because my credit card was not an acceptable method of payment for a couple tech things I wanted in advance of my upcoming birthday.

First, I saw the new wireless Ubuntu mouse from Canonical's online store. I already have the older wired Ubuntu mouse, but the left mouse button has been a bit weird at times lately, registering extra clicks upon release. Also, I like the idea of financially supporting an open source operating system I'm heavily dependent on (not to mention the parent distribution of elementary OS) and a fan of for almost six years now.

However, the payment page informs me that they can only accept "WorldPay" and PayPal as valid forms of payment at this time. I've used my credit card to make purchases from their site before, so I was unpleasantly surprised that I couldn't throw more money at them for neat stuff. I had to back out of the purchase.

A little lat…

Trying out Android Actionable Notifications on Pebble firmware v2.9

I recently got the v2.9 firmware update for my Pebble smartwatch (and v2.3.0 Pebble Android app update), which includes support for Android Actionable Notifications. Basically, when notifications appear on your Android smartphone, they also appear on the Pebble, which gives you options for dealing with them. Most prominently, they allow you to send canned responses or emoji to SMS text messages without having to pull out your smartphone. Handy!

I've only been using the update for a couple days, but already it's made my interactions with my Pebble much more powerful and convenient. One of the things I like most about it is how I can also dismiss some notifications without having to unlock my phone first. To me, that's really useful when I want to be alerted to something but don't need to be reminded of it again later, letting me clear it right away.

On the downside, you can only set up five canned SMS replies in the Pebble app, each restricted to a maximum of 30 charact…

Random links added to my website

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. On my personal website, I just added a new "Links" section. It's simply a list of links to random things elsewhere I find interesting. Basically, I'm sharing some of my bookmarks with you for your own curiosity. You're welcome!

I just whipped up a quick unordered list, though I did try to alphabetize its entries by hand. Maybe later I'll change it to some nice grid-like layout, similar to the main page.