Trying out Android Actionable Notifications on Pebble firmware v2.9

I recently got the v2.9 firmware update for my Pebble smartwatch (and v2.3.0 Pebble Android app update), which includes support for Android Actionable Notifications. Basically, when notifications appear on your Android smartphone, they also appear on the Pebble, which gives you options for dealing with them. Most prominently, they allow you to send canned responses or emoji to SMS text messages without having to pull out your smartphone. Handy!

I've only been using the update for a couple days, but already it's made my interactions with my Pebble much more powerful and convenient. One of the things I like most about it is how I can also dismiss some notifications without having to unlock my phone first. To me, that's really useful when I want to be alerted to something but don't need to be reminded of it again later, letting me clear it right away.

On the downside, you can only set up five canned SMS replies in the Pebble app, each restricted to a maximum of 30 characters. Hopefully, if this is not fixed with a software update, then hopefully a future memory upgrade might fix that if the rumors concerning new Pebble hardware come true. Also, you might need to first install (but not open or setup) the Android Wear phone app for the notifications to work, but I think at just 16 MB that's not really an issue.


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