Why won't you take my money?

I've been a bit disappointed not once, but twice over the past couple of days. Both because my credit card was not an acceptable method of payment for a couple tech things I wanted in advance of my upcoming birthday.

First, I saw the new wireless Ubuntu mouse from Canonical's online store. I already have the older wired Ubuntu mouse, but the left mouse button has been a bit weird at times lately, registering extra clicks upon release. Also, I like the idea of financially supporting an open source operating system I'm heavily dependent on (not to mention the parent distribution of elementary OS) and a fan of for almost six years now.

However, the payment page informs me that they can only accept "WorldPay" and PayPal as valid forms of payment at this time. I've used my credit card to make purchases from their site before, so I was unpleasantly surprised that I couldn't throw more money at them for neat stuff. I had to back out of the purchase.

A little later, I found out about the Kickstarter campaign for the new Pebble Time smartwatch. I'm already an owner of the original Pebble, and liked the idea of contributing funding so I could get one for a somewhat reduced price. I created a Kickstarter account and tried to back it, but - guess what? - they only accept three credit cards as valid forms of payment, and mine is not listed. My heart sank again. The campaign turned out to be wildly successful, not that they needed my help. At least IndieGoGo had no problems accepting my credit card for a contribution to the GNOME Builder IDE project.

I don't have a PayPal account currently, because I don't want yet another online account I need to manage if I can help it, especially one tied to my financial information. But I am pressured to consider it, since it seems like the de facto method of paying for many things online. I sometimes also wish I could use my Google Wallet account to make online purchases, but aside from Google Play I don't see it supported much anywhere.

I will permit myself some controlled splurging around my birthday on neat things I'd like, but it seems doing so will not be so easy this year.


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