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Birthday 2015

My birthday came up again this past week. It was a quiet affair; my mom put up some decorations, my parents got me a cake, and aside from my younger brother, nobody else really came by this weekend. My actual birthday was even more unremarkable, given how much stuff I had to take care off.

I did get a few neat things, though. One of them is a party game called The T-Shirt Game, which we got for my cousin for her birthday a couple years back and can be hilarious at times. The other thing I really wanted and received was a 5000 mAh power bank for my Nexus 4, whose battery is probably starting to feel the effects of old age. It takes forever to charge up, but I guess that can be expected. I have yet to actually test it out in the field though. I got a couple other things too, but nothing terribly noteworthy.

One item I didn't get was a wireless touch mouse I spied at Micro Center, since they apparently ran out the day my parents went shopping there. I will probably visit them again i…

Shimmer's vomiting has gotten worse

Shimmer's vomiting problem has gotten much worse. I woke up at 5:45 AM on March 24 to hear her puking all over the floor of my room. I got my mom up to help just as Shimmer ambled down the hall to the kitchen, puking every few feet. My mom cleaned up everything she left behind while I supervised Shimmer in the kitchen, trying to keep her out of our family room where it's carpeted. Her vomit changed in color gradually from yellowish brown to whitish/clear to pink. She also used the litter box to defecate, but it was coming out all loose. She became weaker, fighting less against me keeping her restrained and eventually slumping onto the floor. I kept her covered with a towel for warmth while my mom called up an emergency vet. It's hard to watch your cat cry on the floor in between heaves.

We took her later that morning over to the emergency veterinarian clinic, where they decided to keep her overnight on activated charcoal, an anti-nausea injection, and an IV for fluids. Her…

Responsive web design: my site on mobile is no longer for ants!

I had a chance to get some tips on responsive web design, so hopefully my personal website won't look so ridiculously tiny and inconsistent on mobile anymore. Here is a screenshot of how it looks on my Nexus 4 under Google Chrome now. Much better!

I'm not done with the partial redesign, however. I still want to change the design of sections' back buttons and do away with the two-column design of the project pages. But this shows I am making real progress on making my site mobile-friendly. Once those changes are done, I'll go back into pursuing fancier additions.

I took a break lasting a couple weeks away from my site so I could do some other non-computer related things for a change, but I think I'm rested up now and ready to keep at it. Besides, it seems recruiters have started contacting me based on my work, so I must be doing something right. ;)

Shimmer on meds, refusing to eat

Our cat Shimmer hasn't been doing so well lately. She's still having issues with chronic vomiting, which is apparently a tricky problem to diagnose in cats. Once she started barfing up half of her meals in one day immediately after eating, we decided to take her in again.
Poor kitty.
The vet took an X-ray, and besides some constipation, saw nothing wrong. She is now on three new medications: FortiFlora, Panacur, and Metrodinazole. The Panacur, which is a white liquid to be given orally, is the hardest to administer, since she immediately yanks her head back upon tasting it and sometimes sprays it around. In addition, she's supposed to be receiving a new hypoallergenic food from the vet soon, whenever they receive the shipment, to rule out food allergies as a cause.
The most troubling issue is that shortly after starting her new "GI cocktail regimen", she has started refusing food, even after she asks for it. She never eats any more than 1/2 of what she is given, o…

Fun Run 2: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

A game I've been playing lately on my Android phone is Fun Run 2 by Dirtybit. If you're not familiar with it, it's an online platformer/racing game where you race a customizable animal against up to three other players towards the finish line.

You gain more coins and rating by winning races, so how can you stay ahead of the pack? There aren't many strategy guides available online for this popular game, at least not many which tell you anything you couldn't find for yourself off of the official Fun Run 2 FAQ. After playing the game for some time, I can offer the following gameplay tips:
General Jump only when necessary Each time you jump, you lose a small amount of speed, not to mention you need a split second to accelerate back up to top speed. The fewer times you jump, the higher your average speed will be, and the easier it will be for you to maintain your position.
Jump ahead of small ledges Anytime you run into a wall, you'll stop completely and lose all th…