Birthday 2015

My birthday came up again this past week. It was a quiet affair; my mom put up some decorations, my parents got me a cake, and aside from my younger brother, nobody else really came by this weekend. My actual birthday was even more unremarkable, given how much stuff I had to take care off.

I did get a few neat things, though. One of them is a party game called The T-Shirt Game, which we got for my cousin for her birthday a couple years back and can be hilarious at times. The other thing I really wanted and received was a 5000 mAh power bank for my Nexus 4, whose battery is probably starting to feel the effects of old age. It takes forever to charge up, but I guess that can be expected. I have yet to actually test it out in the field though. I got a couple other things too, but nothing terribly noteworthy.

One item I didn't get was a wireless touch mouse I spied at Micro Center, since they apparently ran out the day my parents went shopping there. I will probably visit them again in the future to see if I can spot it, and perhaps a new keyboard too: I'm tired of this one randomly eating my spaces between words.


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