Fun Run 2: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

A game I've been playing lately on my Android phone is Fun Run 2 by Dirtybit. If you're not familiar with it, it's an online platformer/racing game where you race a customizable animal against up to three other players towards the finish line.

You gain more coins and rating by winning races, so how can you stay ahead of the pack? There aren't many strategy guides available online for this popular game, at least not many which tell you anything you couldn't find for yourself off of the official Fun Run 2 FAQ. After playing the game for some time, I can offer the following gameplay tips:


Jump only when necessary

Each time you jump, you lose a small amount of speed, not to mention you need a split second to accelerate back up to top speed. The fewer times you jump, the higher your average speed will be, and the easier it will be for you to maintain your position.

Jump ahead of small ledges

Anytime you run into a wall, you'll stop completely and lose all the momentum you've built up. If you can jump at the right time before reaching a small ledge, you'll land on top of it at near top speed and be able to keep going.

Jump over minor obstacles and small uphill slopes

You'll lose a lot of speed trying to climb these.

Run down downhill slopes whenever possible

These will help you build up momentum and run faster, even past your top speed.

Don't use powerups at the beginning of the race

It's tempting to smack your competitors with a lightning bolt before they can even move, or use a speed boost right out of the starting gate. However, your opponents will likely try the same thing, which could interfere with your own powerup. Wait a bit for the others to use theirs, then use yours before the first item boxes to better guarantee an opportunity to use them at full effect. A possible exception to this might be the shield, though I don't recommend it.



This might be a valid option for guarding against early attacks at the beginning of the race, or you could save it for after everyone dies from everyone else's attacks and save it for a bit when you can actually gain an advantage over others with it. Either way, it's short-lived, which means I typically find it's not very useful (more often than not, you'll use it precisely when there's nothing to guard against).

Try to time the activation for right before the next item box you reach, or right when the other racers themselves pick up new items. Also, don't activate it right after death; you have a couple moments of invincibility which don't need to be covered (which means wasted shield time).


I consider this a bit more useful than the shield, since it lasts indefinitely. However, it goes away if you use a shield, speed boost, teleport or rocket. (Actually, those items are all mutually exclusive.) Activate it whenever you want, except during your after-death invincibility period.


This is a hard one to use properly, since you don't have complete control over the aim. Pay close attention to who the cursor is over; it goes without saying that you shouldn't use it when you are the selected target. Similarly, don't shoot people who just died or have shields active. Best saved for the guy who's in 1st place, or someone using a speed boost. If someone with a rocket is close to you and about to explode, you could also try shooting them first to protect yourself.


Lightning strikes everyone next to you or further ahead, but not the people behind you. Keep that in mind; it's a tool for pulling yourself ahead, not bogging down the people you're beating. It's most effective when your number of victims will be greatest; try to save it for after people recover from death or their shields wear off. It's also satisfying to use on those rocket and speed boost users who just pulled ahead of you, causing maximum aggravation if you kill them right after they activate their items, cancelling their effects.

Bear trap

This item is used to keep people behind you. Placement is key; it's useless if people can easily spot it out and jump over it. Try to hide it near scenery where it is harder to spot it, like in flower patches, and especially within tunnels with low ceilings where jumping is not possible. Another great idea is to save it for after a jump, then leave it behind right where you landed, so that others won't see it coming or can't avoid it.

Speed boost

This item actually gives you two nice effects: it produces an immediate burst in speed, then allows you to run faster while you're still on the ground. Use it in midair to soar forward like a jet plane, or along a long straightaway for best effect. The initial speed boost can be used for evasion purposes, such as flying over a bear trap or dodging the trajectory of a bouncing saw blade. If you use it right after you're killed, not only can you return to top speed right away, your respawn invincibility will guarantee your first few moments of speed cannot be interrupted!

But don't use it before climbing walls. The speed boost only provides forward momentum, and all the time it is active while you're climbing is wasted.


If you get this, you're probably pretty far behind. Use it right away to instantly catch up with 3rd place. 'nuff said.


This item takes some explanation: you get a rocket which gives you better jumps and speed, although you float above the ground a bit and won't be able to use speed boost or jump pads as a result. After a few seconds, it'll begin to flash white; you have maybe a second until it explodes, killing you and anybody else onscreen nearby.

The rocket is excellent for climbing walls: one or two jumps are enough to send you soaring to the top. It can also help you traverse uneven terrain, or get even more air after being shot out of a cannon. The problem is the whole exploding thing at the end. While your rocket is active, try to pick up another item from an item box which will cancel it out. This could be a balloon, shield, speed boost, or even a new rocket. If you cannot avoid detonation, however, then at least try to position yourself near someone else so they get blown up too. That way, you have less catch-up to do after respawning.


Used in a similar fashion to the bear trap, but instead of killing someone who runs into it, it will punch them backwards a short distance, ruining any forward momentum they had built up. Place it in similar locations, but with a preference to cliff tops or right after other traps. (Can you guess why?)

Pro tip: if you run into a punch-in-a-box and get knocked backwards, don't bother jumping over it the second time: it can only hit you once. You can bring yourself back up to speed a bit quicker with this trick.


This is another tricky item to use properly. It will pull anybody who's not invincible, shielded or carrying a balloon towards you, both in front and behind. It's better used when you fall behind the rest of the pack, not when you're in 1st place. To cancel out pulling people behind you forward, use it while they're climbing a wall. In fact, it's great for pulling people just in front of you off of cliff tops and platforms, forcing them to have to climb up again.

Also, watch out for rocket users: do you really want them around you when they're about to go off?

Saw blade

You launch this whirling death weapon in front of you, so it might surprise some people that you can target others behind you with it. Fling it straight into a wall just in front of you to have it bounce backwards into anybody following you. (If you're close enough to the wall, such as climbing it, you don't even need to worry about jumping to avoid slicing yourself with it.) Of course, if someone tries to pass you, you can send it at them at point-blank range for a nice surprise.

Something to note is that saw blades can be launched out of cannons. If someone launches out of one to get ahead, send them a little in-flight present.


These are all of the tricks I know of up to this point. If you can suggest any more, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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