Responsive web design: my site on mobile is no longer for ants!

I had a chance to get some tips on responsive web design, so hopefully my personal website won't look so ridiculously tiny and inconsistent on mobile anymore. Here is a screenshot of how it looks on my Nexus 4 under Google Chrome now. Much better!

I'm not done with the partial redesign, however. I still want to change the design of sections' back buttons and do away with the two-column design of the project pages. But this shows I am making real progress on making my site mobile-friendly. Once those changes are done, I'll go back into pursuing fancier additions.

I took a break lasting a couple weeks away from my site so I could do some other non-computer related things for a change, but I think I'm rested up now and ready to keep at it. Besides, it seems recruiters have started contacting me based on my work, so I must be doing something right. ;)


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