Shimmer on meds, refusing to eat

Our cat Shimmer hasn't been doing so well lately. She's still having issues with chronic vomiting, which is apparently a tricky problem to diagnose in cats. Once she started barfing up half of her meals in one day immediately after eating, we decided to take her in again.
Poor kitty.

The vet took an X-ray, and besides some constipation, saw nothing wrong. She is now on three new medications: FortiFlora, Panacur, and Metrodinazole. The Panacur, which is a white liquid to be given orally, is the hardest to administer, since she immediately yanks her head back upon tasting it and sometimes sprays it around. In addition, she's supposed to be receiving a new hypoallergenic food from the vet soon, whenever they receive the shipment, to rule out food allergies as a cause.

The most troubling issue is that shortly after starting her new "GI cocktail regimen", she has started refusing food, even after she asks for it. She never eats any more than 1/2 of what she is given, or even any of it. We were advised to maybe offer some dry food as an alternative, but we have to watch on that since it might have been the cause of her urinary tract infection she previously had.

Shimmer is not too happy with all the new medication, but we're doing this for her own good. Hopefully we get this figured out and resolved soon.


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