Shimmer's vomiting has gotten worse

Shimmer's vomiting problem has gotten much worse. I woke up at 5:45 AM on March 24 to hear her puking all over the floor of my room. I got my mom up to help just as Shimmer ambled down the hall to the kitchen, puking every few feet. My mom cleaned up everything she left behind while I supervised Shimmer in the kitchen, trying to keep her out of our family room where it's carpeted. Her vomit changed in color gradually from yellowish brown to whitish/clear to pink. She also used the litter box to defecate, but it was coming out all loose. She became weaker, fighting less against me keeping her restrained and eventually slumping onto the floor. I kept her covered with a towel for warmth while my mom called up an emergency vet. It's hard to watch your cat cry on the floor in between heaves.

We took her later that morning over to the emergency veterinarian clinic, where they decided to keep her overnight on activated charcoal, an anti-nausea injection, and an IV for fluids. Her blood test results showed elevated liver chemicals and a decreased white blood cell count, but everything else was normal. She was released the next morning with a liver supplement prescription and a recommendation for further testing.

The other day, we took her back to see one of the vets at the Michigan Humane Society for a followup. We were told that the elevated liver chemicals (ALT in particular) were likely due to liver trauma and cell destruction from how hard she was puking, and that she was expected to recover from this. The decreased white blood cell count didn't seem to be a concern though.

Shimmer is now supposed to be on a hypoallergenic diet to make it easier on her GI tract (although she refuses to eat it), and she is supposed to get an ultrasound soon to check out her liver and small intestine for issues. If that doesn't turn up anything, she might need surgery for a biopsy.

Hopefully we find out the real cause of her problem soon.


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