Busy week up ahead

I'm going to have a very busy upcoming week, now that the Spring 2015 semester at Lawrence Technological University is coming to a close. Below is a list of some of the things I need to get done over the next few days:

  1. Final draft of my Leadership Portfolio
  2. Finish the implementation of my Web Server Programming class' web application project (particularly the server side)
  3. Web Server Programming research paper on a topic relating to mobile web application development
  4. Continued testing of software for my LTU/Ford internship
  5. Class registration for Fall 2015 (and possibly Summer 2015, maybe for taking care of a couple required humanities electives)
Not to mention that this upcoming weekend I'll be joining in the birthday celebrations for both my mom and my cousin.

I figure that if I can devote one or two days to completing each major project, and get at least one software component tested each day for my LTU/Ford internship, I should be able to manage getting everything done on time using good time management. However, this will still require me to work fast and hard on everything I need to handle.

After these things are all done, I can kick back, relax, and study for my final exams starting May 4.

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