GNOME Boxes on Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS: completely useless

I need to set up a server to implement and test the server-side stuff for my Web Server Programming class project site, so I figured I'd try out Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS in a virtual machine.

Usually whenever I set up virtual machines, I do so using VirtualBox. However, since I am running the GNOME desktop environment on my desktop computer, I figured I would try out the GNOME Boxes software to set up my virtual machine. I downloaded it from the Ubuntu Software Center, and started it up. So far, so good.

I then pointed it to my downloaded .iso image (MD5SUM hash verified beforehand, as always), and started it up. The installation screen came up asking for my language, then I hit Enter for the installation option. At this point, Boxes apparently freaked out, backing out all the way to the main screen and just showing me a blank rectangle.

I quit Boxes, and ran it again from a terminal using
gnome-boxes >> boxes_errors.txt 2>&1
This time, I got several errors in the file, suggesting GLib issues and the .iso file being "disconnected" once I chose to install.

Basically, GNOME Boxes is totally broken and unusable as far as I'm concerned, at least the version provided in the Ubuntu Software Center for Ubuntu GNOME 14.04. Which is a shame, since I've heard a lot about how good it supposedly is, making virtual machine setup fast and easy.

I filed a bug for this on Launchpad, but given the small number of other ignored bugs on there, I'm not sure if it will be looked at anytime soon.


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