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Learning VBA for getting Excel work done fast

I've been recently picking up another programming language: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), specifically for working with Microsoft Excel.

I'm not going to be coding any hobby projects in VBA any time soon, but it is useful for a few specific things. Basically, VBA is good for automating things within Excel, so if you find yourself needing to do anything within it, VBA could give you some extra power if you already have a programming background.

My first taste with VBA came from my current employer, where it is used often in their spreadsheets. VBA can be used to used to script normal user actions, which is the kind of coding I first encountered, but this can often be slow if working with large amounts of data, or doing some external file I/O. Using my more conventional programming tactics, I produced some very large gains in macro execution speeds. I'm now getting requests from co-workers to speed up some more VBA code they have, so I'm feeling pretty good about …

Why fans are angry about Metroid Prime: Federation Force

The above YouTube video is the 2015 Nintendo E3 trailer for a new Metroid title coming to the Nintendo 3DS handheld sometime next year: Metroid Prime: Federation Force. If you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and view it now.

Are you a Metroid fan? If so, what are you likely feeling right now? I know what I was feeling right after this: mostly shock, disbelief, and disappointment. Apparently, I'm not alone: at the time of this writing, the video has roughly 6,000 likes, and about 58,000 dislikes. That's a 91% disapproval rate amongst everyone who felt like rating the video.

Clearly, there is a problem. And like any major problem, it is worth investigating to see why it exists (especially since I consider myself a fan of the franchise).
What is the game about? This is what I know about the game at this point in time, based on the above trailer. That being said, anything could change as the game continues along the development process up until its release sometime in 2016.