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Meet Zorro!

A couple days ago, my mom and my brother went and adopted a new playmate for Shimmer from the Michigan Humane Society. He is a 10 week-old male black kitten, whom we have decided to name Zorro.
Zorro is currently being confined with almost constant watching in either the bathroom or my brother's bedroom, since he is still getting acquainted with our house and he is still recovering from the neutering surgery he underwent shortly before we adopted him. Also, introductions with any other cats already in the house need to be done slowly, so he will not be able to directly see Shimmer for another week or so. They do get to sniff each other under the doors, however.

Of course, Shimmer is still getting lots of love and attention during all of this. After all, we adopted Zorro to give her a playmate closer to her own size.