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My review of the Nexus Live Case

I recently received a Nexus Live Case I ordered from Google for my Nexus 5X smartphone. My thoughts on my purchase are below.

The picture I chose to have printed on mine (I chose the Photos version, not the Places one) was my old Schefflera Arboricola (umbrella plant) photo taken back at the University of Michigan in my dorm room. Sometimes I still miss that plant...

Anyhow, the case came in great packaging, as I've come to expect from Google. The case itself has a matte finish (a glossy variant should also be eventually available, but wasn't yet at the time I ordered mine). It's a fairly stiff plastic shell, and took a little bit of effort to get onto my phone.

Once installed, the case fit snugly. Installation of the accompanying My Live Case app from the Google Play app store went smoothly, despite asking me twice to press the button to set it up (once from the packaging's instructions, and once more after installation of the app).

I like that my phone now slides mor…

Live sample of an inheritance scam: A dissection

I recently received a spam email in my inbox, and some aspects of it interested me enough I figured I would write a blog post about it. It's basically the 419 scam you all know and love, but with some minor twists to it that seem new (at least to me).
The email claimed to be sent from a Mrs. Rose(mary) Williams, although the actual email address behind it is I was blind carbon-copied on this, presumably to keep it looking like a direct communication and without tipping off any potential victims about the existence of others. The body was a sole JPG image file with no other text; the file is reproduced below for the reference point of my analysis. Let's go over this message bit-by-bit.
First, let us note that it actually tries to look like a formal-ish letter (although a serif font would have been probably better suited for this purpose). Also, a letterhead and footer are used to establish the name and professional title of Mrs. Rosemary Williams. C…

My new System76 Lemur laptop

I will be starting graduate studies at Lawrence Technological University next week, and one of the things I needed for the upcoming semester was a new laptop. My school does not supply the nice Lenovo Yoga machines to graduate students for free like it does for undergraduates (graduates have to pay $95/credit hour, which as you might expect adds up quickly), and my beat-up Toshiba Satellite which I've had since starting my studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as a freshman is starting to show its age.

This time, I felt confident enough in my experience with Ubuntu to leave behind Windows-based systems for good, at least for my personal machines. I could get just about any laptop nowadays and replace Windows on it with Ubuntu (then pray that it works with all the hardware and Secure Boot doesn't give me any issues), but I decided to do it right and get an Ubuntu machine from a reputable OEM. Thus, I decided to order a Lemur laptop from +System76 back in December, …