My thoughts on Soylent Nectar and Cacao flavors

Earlier this week, I ordered a 12-pack (the smallest available order size) each of Soylent Nectar and Soylent Cacao to sample it.

People who know me will recall that I drink Soylent (and, in fact, have a monthly subscription) because it simplifies tracking my nutrition, and is cheap and convenient. I don't live entirely off of it (yet), but it does come in handy replacing the expensive or unhealthy food that I would otherwise have to choose for lunch at work.

Up until now, I've only ever consumed the Original version. I usually tell people who ask me about it that it has a taste somewhere in between a vanilla milkshake and thin pancake batter. It's perfectly palatable, if purposely bland, and I have no trouble with drinking it day in and day out. But what if I wanted a little more variety?

Rosa Foods, Inc., the company which produces Soylent, somewhat recently came out with three additional variations on the Soylent drink:

  1. Coffiest: Has coffee mixed in and is intended as a breakfast replacement
  2. Cacao: Has cocoa powder mixed in for a chocolatey flavor
  3. Nectar: Supposedly has a fruity flavor (and no, I don't know which ingredients they use to create this flavor)
I did not try getting any Coffiest yet, since I actually am pretty well-caffeinated from the coffee readily available at work, so I decided to get just the Cacao and Nectar variants to see what they were like, for a change of pace.

As usual, the order only took two days to process, and it showed up on my doorstep the same day I was notified of the shipping label's creation via email. The boxes and bottles look the same as regular Soylent, except with an additional band of color on top to visually indicate which one you're looking at (brown for Cacao and red for Nectar).

I tried the Nectar variant of Soylent first, because I was curious what they meant by "fruity" flavor. And now I know that by "fruity" flavor, they mean "bowl of rancid Froot Loops cereal with pesticides mixed in". Simply put, I found Soylent Nectar to taste disgusting. As far as its other qualities, the drink has a pale yellow color as contrasted with original Soylent's very light beige, and when I showed an open bottle to my mom, she found the smell repulsive. I had a hard time finishing the first bottle, and by the second bottle I've taught myself to tolerate it somewhat. After all, I still have 10 more bottles left to drink in order to really learn my lesson here.

Thankfully, Soylent Cacao is a totally different story. It actually tastes like a chocolate milkshake, and it very pleasant to drink. If Coffiest is meant for breakfast, then I think Cacao is for dessert (or whenever you want to indulge yourself a little 😉). And with the exact same nutritional content as Original Soylent, it's still just as good for you.

So, if you're a Soylent drinker looking for a little variety, I would say avoid Nectar like the plague (really, Rosa Labs needs to hire a decent taste tester for it), but definitely try out Cacao. If you still haven't tried out Soylent yet and are curious about it, then I'd say try Original first then Cacao. If you want, I can provide referrals by email before May 17 this year for 50% off your first shipment and a meal donation to World Food Program USA; get in touch if interested! EDIT: Or, just click this link:


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