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My first visit to the Microsoft Store

I consider myself first and foremost a fan of Linux, particularly Ubuntu. However, this is not to say I don't also use other solutions from time to time. In particular, despite all the flak that Microsoft gets from the Linux community on a regular basis, I myself still use quite a bit of their technologies and products in my own personal tech ecosystem. The rest of my family especially still turn to Windows for most of their own computing needs, and I still provide them free IT support.

My brother +Jonathan Horton is in a transition period of sorts right now. He will soon be taking up an extended residence in a hotel somewhere in Owosso, MI while he is in a seven-week internship. (He holds a bachelor's of science degree in microbiology from Michigan State University, and is pursuing a career in clinical laboratory.) During this time, he is expected to take weekly exams wherever he is staying at, which will be proctored via the internet.

The proctoring software strictly require…