My thoughts on the Soylent Cafe flavors

This post can be thought of as something like a follow-up to my last post when I tried the Soylent Cacao and Nectar flavors (which were pretty good and pretty bad, respectively).

Soylent recently announced the availability of new flavors on their official blog. I'm guessing that the "Coffiest" variant of Soylent they've had for a while now, which seems at first glance to be a mixture of Soylent and coffee intended as a breakfast food, must have been doing pretty well. They now have a Soylent Cafe line of drinks, which the aforementioned Coffiest belongs to, as well as their brand-new Soylent Cafe Vanilla and Soylent Cafe Chai flavors. All three flavors are caffeinated, with Coffiest and Vanilla each supposed to have roughly the same caffeine content as a cup of coffee, and Chai on par with a cup of tea. The new flavors also have L-theanine added, which is claimed to somehow help with "jitters" from caffeine.

That all sounds great... But what does it actually taste like?

I placed a new order earlier this week for one 12-bottle box each of Soylent Cacao (seriously, that stuff is actually quite tasty!), Coffiest, Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai. Only two days later, the package showed up on my doorstep and I was able to see what I got.

The four Soylent flavors I bought, still in their boxes

The four Soylent flavors I bought, lined up in their bottles

I will take a moment to comment on the packaging: the Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai flavors came in smaller, more square bottles, and their boxes were correspondingly slighter smaller as well. They also have the nutrition facts and ingredients lists right on the bottles themselves, whereas the Coffiest and any other Soylent flavor I've tried thus far omitted this. All of them still have that information on the boxes. In addition, the Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai flavors are sealed with a plastic ring similar to what's found on most plastic bottles in general; the Cacao and Coffiest bottles still have the outer plastic wrap extend up over the sides of the caps and have perforations for tearing off.

I will critique each of the three Cafe flavors below in the chronological order in which I tried them.

Soylent Chai

Soylent Chai was the first one I tried, almost as soon as I had opened the box.

Soylent Cafe Chai, in a bottle and a clear glass

Appearance-wise, it looks just like regular Soylent to me. However, I could definitely taste the cinnamon flavoring one might expect from chai tea, and it seemed slightly sweeter than regular Soylent. It was a very pleasing flavor overall. I could definitely see myself having this for breakfast some mornings when our older cat Shimmer drags me out of bed at 7:00 AM to feed her.

Soylent Cafe Vanilla

Next up was Soylent Cafe Vanilla.

Soylent Cafe Vanilla, in a bottle and a clear glass

This one surprised me in a couple ways, in that it looked slightly darker than I was expecting (I guess the packaging color scheme prepared me for a lighter color), and that I could not detect much vanilla flavoring. I definitely did taste the coffee in it though, but it wasn't overpowering. It was enjoyable, and I think I prefer it slightly to Soylent Cafe Chai as a matter of personal preference.

Soylent Coffiest

This was the last "new" flavor I tried.

It was quite good; I could definitely taste the coffee in it. However, I could not distinguish the difference in flavor between this and the Cafe Vanilla flavor. Maybe I need to try a little bit of both one right after the other in order to taste the difference, but right now I think this basically shows that Soylent needs to add more vanilla flavoring to the Cafe Vanilla flavor.

Overall, I enjoyed all three Soylent Cafe flavors (but wish the Cafe Vanilla's vanilla taste was more pronounced), and I think they are at least worth trying for yourself.

Bonus: Texting Soylent

If you look closely at the labeling on the Soylent Cafe Chai and Soylent Cafe Vanilla bottles, you'll notice a small message:
Love Soylent?
Text (312) 487-3663
Out of curiosity, I did so on my phone through Hangouts (SMS messaging through it is still allowed for Project Fi users like myself), and I received the following response:

SMS text message response from Soylent

Their reply quoted below, for anyone who can't see the picture:
Thanks for your message of Love (we hope)! Use coupon LOVE for 20% off any new subscription. If you would like to speak to a human, please email
So, you get a promo code for new subscriptions and a way to contact them directly. Neat!


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