My thoughts on the new Strawberry Soylent flavor

A while ago, I wrote a blog post in which I reviewed the Soylent Cafe flavors when they first came out. And a while before that, I wrote another blog post where I reviewed the Soylent Cacao and Nectar flavors. So, today's post can be thought of as a "Part 3" of sorts.

I received an email from Soylent not too long ago which announced a new Strawberry flavor coming out. No mention of this new flavor has appeared on their blog as of this writing, because apparently I'm to be "one of the first to taste Soylent Strawberry". The email contained a promo code to get 50% off the first case when ordering a new subscription of it, and claimed it is supposed to taste just like strawberry milk. Curious, I decided to do so.

My order arrived today, just a couple days after I placed it, arriving via FedEx.

It seems interesting to me that this Soylent arrived in a larger, more rounded bottle shape, instead of the new-ish "sqround" bottles they wrote about in a blog post and for which all of their shipments up to now have been arriving in. Perhaps they can supply some insight on why this is, but I imagine it might have something to do with being an initial shipment.

The bottle I tried opened up similar to the older Soylent bottles: you remove a plastic wrap around the cap, and unscrew that. Then, there was also a metal foil seal which had to be peeled off underneath to access the contents.

Right away, I noticed the strawberry scent after opening, but more interestingly the Soylent inside was its typical light beige color. Being that this flavor was modeled after strawberry milk, I was expecting to see maybe a pink coloration, but apparently this was omitted.

The flavor itself was actually pretty good. It reminded me a bit of flavoring for a fruity breakfast cereal, but nowhere near as bad as the rancid Froot Loops-esque flavor that Soylent Nectar had. It also reminded me a bit of regular Twizzlers candy, which are also strawberry-flavored. Maybe they use the same flavorings, but I don't know. It has been a long time since I last had actual strawberry-flavored milk like Nesquik, so I am not sure how close this was to that, but it might be safe to say it differs a little.

Overall, I thought the new Soylent Strawberry flavor was good, and its presentation was a bit different as far as Soylent and my own expectations were concerned. I could definitely recommend giving it a try to anyone who's interested, once it becomes more widely available.

Update 6/26/2018: Soylent has now published their own blog post about the new Strawberry flavor:


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